The Parents' and Caregivers' Guide for Developing Responsible Teens

Click here for the The Parents' and Caregivers' Guide for Developing Responsible Teens.  This booklet gives information and ideas on the raising of young people through their adolescent years.  It covers some of the environmental factors that they may encounter such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, and parties along with mental health issues. It gives suggestions on where in Wellington you can get help.  It is just a summary, a starting point, but it does introduce the main stumbling blocks.  Please feel free to download this publication, and to share it round.

Discovery for Teens is a powerful and incredibly successful seven day programme designed for all kiwi teenagers from 14-18 years.  A number of WellingtonCollege students have completed it over the years.  It provides teens with an opportunity to discover their true potential and to use it.  It is run in the April and October school holidays.  Phone 0800 493 968