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Are you an Old Boy or former staff member of Wellington College?  Do you have any relatives or know friends who are?  If so, you may be able to help the Archives obtain some of the following:
  • Memoirs: Please send your stories
  • Photographs: College Life; Students, Staff, Old Boys
  • Trophies, Prizes
  • Uniforms: Caps, Ties, Blazers, Boaters Sports Gear Jerseys, Caps, Boots
  • Medals: Dux, Badges, Awards, War Medals
  • Book Prizes and Academic Awards
  • Art Work Paintings, Sketches
  • Books: By Old Boy Authors
  • Music: Recordings by Old Boys
  • Reports: Academic, Certificates
  • Papers: Governing Boards, Headmasters, Parents’ Association
  • Correspondence: Letters to and from Staff, Students and Old Boys

Please contact Michael Pallin

Wellington College Archivist Tel: 04 382 9411 (W)

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PDF icon Hami Grace's WWI Diary2.39 MB
PDF icon Hami Grace's Story1.59 MB