Student Art Work

Here is a selection of art work from our students.



Fabian Beveridge, Year 13 Photography 2016

Fabian created a surreal narrative involving water and the Wellington Harbour for his Year 13 Photography project.  This shot was a key piece in his end of year portfolio. 

Shekinah Pratap ,   Top Year 9 Art student in 2016. 

This was the print Shekinah made during the year.  The print was on an expressionistic theme. 

Ben Wilkins,  Year 11 Design 2016. 

Ben’s images are in response to a brief on supporting endangered birds in New Zealand.

 Jack MacCormick, Year 11 Design, 2016.

Alexey Aliashkevich, Year 11, Design 2016.

Ben Riley

Ben Riley made a contemporary tiki based on the work of Rewiti Arapere.  The final sculpture was of his father and reflects the things important to him as well as the things that are important to their relationship.