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Fees For International Students 2017
College course fee for year commencing 2017

NZ$            15,000            
US$            10,000 (approx)

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This fee covers
* all classroom tuition costs (including ESOL)
* loan of textbooks for the year
* school administration costs
* some sports and cultural activity fees
* Student ID card and Student Diary
* Government levies

This fee does not cover
* Homestay costs
* welfare management fee ( for all students unless living with parent)
* transport costs and daily allowances
* stationery
* school uniform
* National Qualifications entry fee (for students in Year 11, 12 and 13) $383.30
* field trip costs (subject dependent or sports trip costs)
* insurance

Fees Protection
Wellington College requires all international students to have medical and travel insurance. The policy arranged through the school has a Fees Protection provision. In the event that an existing personal policy does not give this cover, the Board of Trustees of Wellington College guarantees the fees of all International Fee-Paying Students in the event that the International Programme cannot continue.