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Homestay Programme

There are a number of options for living in Wellington which meet the College’s requirements. Enquiries about accommodation may be made through the International Office. Requests for accommodation are made on the Application for Admission Form.
• All students MUST live in accommodation approved by the College.
• Approval will NOT be given to sharing a flat with other students.
The College requires that students must have a safe place to stay where a responsible adult can ensure that they have the care and support that they need to settle successfully into a new culture and educational system.

Family: Many International Students studying at Wellington College live with relatives or approved designated caregiver arranged by and known to your family who can accept responsibility for the student’s welfare outside of school. The College must be satisfied that this homestay meets our requirements for good pastoral care. The College will send you the Designated Caregiver documents which must be signed by the parents and returned to the College.

Homestay: Many students live with a New Zealand family arranged by the College’s Homestay Manager. Even students who have family in Wellington often choose to live in a New Zealand homestay. This can help them improve their English language and to learn about the New Zealand way of life. Homestays are arranged by the College. Homestay costs are $275 per week.

All homestays are checked and approved by the College. The families have been vetted by the New Zealand Police. The Homestay Manager will support homestay families and the students to promote a happy positive relationship.

Inappropriate behaviour in the homestay may be grounds for withdrawing a student's Offer of Place at the College.

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