NZ Scholarship 2016 | Wellington College

NZ Scholarship 2016

NZ Scholarship Results from Wellington College 2016 

These again proved to be exceptional outcomes from a very capable and worthy group of students in 2016. This was admirably depicted in different ways. Firstly, there were three students who were ‘Premier Scholars’ – Yiannis Fam, Sebastian On and Oliver Sutcliffe, meaning that of the ten top academic students in New Zealand, three were from Wellington College.

Secondly, in the next 50 top students in NZ, termed ‘Outstanding Scholars’ – those who are immediately below the ten Premier Scholars, five were from Wellington College: Jordan Barrett, Barnard Patel, Hansaka Ranaweera, Matthew Robertson and Michael Williamson. This means that of the 60 top academic students in NZ Scholarship awards in 2016, eight or 13.3% were from Wellington College.


Thirdly and significantly, three students were ‘Top Subject Scholarship’ winners: Taine Forster – Accounting, Oliver Sutcliffe – Classical Studies and Alexander Sharples – Latin.


Overall, 160 scholarships were gained by the College, with 29 of these being Outstanding Scholarships, and 78 different students gained scholarships in 21 different subjects. These subjects were: Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Drama, Design and Visual Communication, Economics, English, Geography, German, History, Latin, Media Studies, Painting, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Sculpture, Statistics and Technology. Outstanding scholarships were secured in Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Classical Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Physical Education, Physics, Statistics and Technology.

In the nine years, since the inception of the current NZ Scholarship examination in 2008, Wellington College has gained overall, the highest number of scholarships in the country. This superior attainment in academic distinction in the foremost New Zealand Secondary School qualification can be attributed to the repeated dedication and commitment of the students and staff, for which they are to be warmly commended.